Colleges and universities with undergraduate students attending RMPA are invited to enter teams in the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association’s Psych Bowl.


Psych Bowl is a single-elimination quiz tournament for teams of undergraduate students in Psychology that tests their knowledge of psychology.


Teams of undergraduate students from any college or university are eligible to participate. Team members must not have completed the baccalaureate degree nor have taken graduate level courses in Psychology (except courses open to undergraduates). Students must be enrolled full-time during the current semester at the school represented, and must be registered to attend RMPA.


During play, a maximum of 4 players per team compete at a time. Alternates may be substituted at the half. Coaches may be faculty members or currently enrolled graduate students.


The single-elimination tournament format will be used.  Pairings for the games are drawn immediately before the tournament.  If an uneven number of teams are entered, byes are awarded by random selection. During the game, questions are presented to each team in alternation. If the first team does not answer the question, the other team is invited to do so.


Questions are obtained from a GRE-Psychology exam preparation resource. Item difficulty is like that of items on the actual Psychology GRE, ranging from introductory to advanced. Efforts have been made to write all questions as open-ended items, requiring one, two, or a few words to answer. Items are selected, in approximately equal numbers, from an item pool covering the following areas: Measurement [psychometrics, design, statistics], Behavioral neuroscience, Learning, Cognition, Sensation/Perception, Social, Developmental, Personality, Abnormal, and General [history, the discipline and practice of psychology, APA style, and other questions not readily classified into other categories (e.g., I/0 psychology)]. In any of these categories questions may concern basic or applied knowledge, and may concern either human or non-human sources of knowledge. Judges and moderators check the items for accuracy and ambiguity prior to the competition.


Moderators and judges will be chosen from all participating institutions of higher education, attending RMPA. Two judges (from other institutions) will be assigned to each match to rule on the appropriateness of the responses when doubt arises.  The ruling of the judges is final.(Moderators and Judges are needed. Please consider supporting Psych Bowl by volunteering for this exciting event. Contact Rick Miller at , for more information.)


The winning team takes home the RMPA trophy until next year's competition. Members of the winning and runner-up teams are awarded RMPA Psych Bowl T-shirts, and all schools and team members receive certificates of participation.


To register, complete the form on the RMPA website and send to Rick Miller at


CUR-RMPA Undergraduate Research Award


The Psychology Division of the Council on Undergraduate Research will be providing presentation awards ($100 gift cards to Amazon) to students of CUR members who are presenting at the following regional or national research conferences: EPA, SEPA, SWPA, RMPA, WPA, MPA, and APS.  One award will be given for each of the conferences. To be considered for the award, students and/or their mentors must submit the following information:

a)  Presentation title and author names and affiliations.

b)  Copy of acceptance e-mail from the conference.

c) Copy of all materials (e.g., abstract, research summary) that were submitted to the conference for consideration/required as part of the abstract submission process.

Please be sure to include the names of the CUR faculty mentor; prior to selection it will be determined that the mentor is a CUR member in good standing.

To be considered for the RMPA award, please send the information to Mat Gendle [] by March 22, 2013; include: "CUR award application" in the subject line.

The award will be presented at the RMPA Closing Session and Awards ceremony on Saturday.




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